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The Citizens for America Foundation, Inc. (CFA) is a non-partisan, non-profit grassroots organization that advances biblical principles and Christian values in the national culture by training, organizing, mobilizing, and equipping leaders to display a biblical worldview. CFA serves as an advocate for Christian conservative principles such as the sanctity of human life, traditional family values, limited government, free economic enterprise, support for the nation of Israel, and a strong national defense. CFA serves as one of the nation’s most effective advocacy and grassroots public policy organizations. The CFA foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization (application pending).


Dr. Chris Hughes

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Dr. Chris Hughes is one of America’s most important, influential and respected voices on cultural and political issues. Chris Hughes is the founder and chairman of the Citizens for America Foundation, one of the nation’s leading advocacy and grassroots public policy organizations. A powerful communicator, Chris Hughes is a Christian political advocate, Second Amendment defender, Christian apologist, and author. He is the host of The Christian Perspective with Chris Hughes.



The Citizens for America Foundation is dedicated to impacting the culture for Jesus Christ by protecting religious freedom, preserving our Christian heritage, strengthening families, defending the sanctity of all human life, and broadening a biblical worldview through education and public policy.



The Citizens for America Foundation will impact the culture for Jesus Christ by:

  • Teaching Christians what it means to have a biblical worldview.

  • Speaking on Christian and cultural issues in the public arena.

  • Promoting constitutional principles and biblical values.

  • Equipping and mobilizing citizens, elected officials and opinion leaders to influence legislation and enact sound public policy in a manner which instills biblical values in the culture.

Ready for Class


The Citizens for America Future Leaders Program promotes the mission of The Citizens for America Foundation to the next generation by developing and implementing outreach to younger audiences.



Join America’s leading Christian Conservative policy organization as a member and stand on the front lines of the fight for freedom and America’s founding principles. 

The Citizens for America Foundation represents Christian patriots who believe in the Bible, the Constitution, and the principles that set America apart as the strongest, most prosperous, and most Christian nation in history. Our members provide the financial support on which we rely to advance your Christian Conservative principles. We don’t take a penny of money from the government, and we don’t do any work for hire. We defend the Christian, Conservative, biblical, and constitutional values our members hold dear. 


​The Citizens for America Foundation is the most dedicated and most influential force for Christian Conservative ideas in the United States.


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